Author: Jim Mahan

Loans for free use – more practical than earmarked loans

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Especially in private households one or the other purchase can always cost a lot of money. Or, in the foreseeable future, a trip is planned that would like to be financed. The reasons for applying for a loan can be many. But, it is caution, because in the jungle of offers one or the other […]

Different loan types at a glance

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A loan is a contractual contract between the borrower (debtor) and the lender (creditor). The lender hands over to the borrower one thing, usually money (cash, bankroll, etc.), on time, which the borrower can use over this period. The fee for this use is the interest. When a reasonable cause is handed over, it is […]

Buying real estate on loan: The situation as the most important characteristic for the valuation

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Anyone who intends to buy a property, whether a condominium or a house, will surely hear again and again that one of the most important criteria is the location. But, what is a good location? Is the situation good if it appeals to you personally or are there other criteria for this? Location and value […]

Cheap home savings loans Interest

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The home loan may not be missing in any real estate financing. It really completes solid financing. It is said again and again and nothing is wrong. Also very often spoken of the particularly favorable home savings loans interest. But are they actually always as cheap as often assumed? This question arises many a builder […]

Loan for a Carport

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A carport protects your vehicle from wind and weather. For example, it is no longer necessary to sweep the snow off the car in winter, and in summer you can enjoy a wonderful, shady parking space. However, setting up such a shelter costs a lot of money, but it can be easily raised with the […]