Finance the stair lifter with a loan

A stairlifter is for many people a huge relief in everyday life. Whether due to age or health reasons: sometimes it is simply no longer possible physically to climb stairs. But this is exactly where a lifter helps, as it makes it easy to reach the upper floors of a flat or house. However, the purchase of such a “device” is not exactly cheap. However, a loan here ensures that the required stairlifter can be purchased and so your own mobility is increased.


The costs for a stairlifter are high: For example, thousands of euros are needed here quickly, but they can be repaid with the help of a loan.

For a stairlifter including installation quite high costs must be planned. Among other things, it depends on which model you decide on, whether it is a straight or curved staircase and how long the distance the lift has to cover. For a cheaper model must already be paid to the 4,000 euros. However, here are sums of up to about 15,000 euros also not uncommon. This also applies if a platform lift is necessary.

Since such an amount is usually not easy on the current account, a loan is thus usually the ideal solution to get back to the desired independence.

bank loan

To buy the stair lifter, a classic installment loan is usually a very good choice. The loan is unrestricted, straightforward and very clear.

For a stairlifter usually offers the application for a classic installment loan. This is a purpose-based loan, which is issued by the banks at leisure.

The amount of the loan and the monthly installments and repayment terms are usually to a certain extent with the Bank negotiable. The first installment payment is made after the loan amount has been paid out; usually always at the end or beginning of a month. Once you have paid the last installment, the loan is fully repaid. Accordingly, this is a very clear, easy to plan loan that has no surprises in store.

One of the prerequisites the applicant has to meet in order for the bank to provide installment credit is a safe, steady income and a good credit rating. Furthermore, a German checking account and a German residence are usually required. But also on a positive private credit bureau- information is placed here a high value.

If the applicant is unable to meet the conditions, it is normally also possible to include a guarantor or second borrower in the contract. However, the respective person must then comply with the requirements. If that is the case, the granting of the loan is usually no more a hindrance.

Compare loan offers

Compare loan offers

It is best if the different loan offers of the banks are well compared. So it is feasible in many cases to save a lot.

However, it is advisable to look at the different installment loan offers of the various banks well and compare. Because there are often significant differences here. For example, it is possible that just a few percentage points, depending on the loan amount, make up a difference of several hundred euros.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use the annual percentage rate as a comparison factor. In contrast to the nominal interest, this already includes all costs incurred for the loan.

In addition, it is advisable to compare well the various special services offered by the banks. For example, some banks offer once or several times a year to make free special repayments. In this way, it is easy to reduce the loan amount and thus also the interest burden.

In addition, some banks can also suspend monthly payments in the event of an emergency. For example, if suddenly the refrigerator or the washing machine goes on strike and a new device needs to be purchased, the purchase can be made without putting the monthly rate at risk. However, one should not simply suspend the rate, but inform about this briefly the bank.

Also very helpful may be about a variable repayment rate. Here it is possible to adjust the repayment to your own financial situation. For example, if you enjoy a raise, it is possible to pay a higher repayment. Accordingly, the loan amount is repaid faster here and thus also reduces the interest burden. If, on the other hand, higher expenditure is to be expected at the moment, then it is no problem to reduce the eradication.

With such and similar special services, it is therefore quite feasible to save some or to make life a little easier.

A rather more easily and quickly loan comparison is usually using an online credit feasible -Vergleichs. At first, it is only necessary to enter a wide variety of data, and the loan offers that you are considering are clearly listed. Accordingly, not only the costs but also the most important features can be compared quickly.



With stairlifter purchase, it makes sense to take advantage of various subsidies. For example, it is possible to obtain a subsidy from the health insurance fund or a favorable loan from the bank.

However, it may also be possible to obtain various subsidies for the purchase of a stairlift.

For example, it makes sense initially to apply for a grant from the health insurance company. Whether and in what amount this is granted depends on various factors, such as the degree of care. More detailed information is available from the various health insurance companies, which may well differ from each other.

Furthermore, it is also feasible to apply for funding for age-appropriate conversion at the bank. Also offering financial institution, for example, to low-interest loans for the purchase of a lift.

It is therefore worthwhile to look for possible funding opportunities when buying a stairlift. Often a lot can be saved in this way.


With the help of a loan, it is possible to handle the costs of the stairlift. The best way to compare the various loan offers and apply for additional funding.

For a stairlifter and its installation usually incur high costs. However, these can be paid very well with the help of a classic installment loan. However, it is advisable to compare the various loan offers well with each other, as they often differ significantly from each other. In addition, it is usually feasible to receive various subsidies, such as from the health insurance and the bank. Thus, the purchase of a lifter should certainly no longer pose a problem and secure the much-needed purchase.