Finance ticket with credit

The dream of flying has always inspired humanity. Nowadays, however, it is much easier than before to fulfill this dream. To be able to fly an airplane yourself, however, a ticket is necessary, which in turn is associated with some costs. However, the sum required for this can be raised with the help of a loan, so that nothing stands in the way of the trips to the clouds.


The ticket consists of fixed and variable costs.

The cost of a ticket can not be quantified in general terms, as it depends mainly on which aircraft you want to fly. Furthermore, the number of flight hours required varies; similar, as for example the driver’s license.

In general, the associated fees are split into fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs include, for example, the examination fees (theory and practice), administrative fees and the radiotelephone certificate. Overall, roughly a guideline value of about 1,000 euros must be expected.

The indication of variable costs, on the other hand, is more difficult. The less flight hours required, the cheaper the ticket will be. However, it is important to think in advance about which type of aircraft you would like to fly later. In general, however, it can be said that for the theoretical training about 500 to 2,500 euros have to be included.

Flight hours, on the other hand, are more expensive: here, there are around 1,000 to 1,000 euros to be paid.

For example, for a flight ticket for glider days total of about 3. 500 euros. If you want to fly an ultralight aircraft, you need a so-called UL license: For this you have to include 5.100 Euro. In a motorized aircraft with the private pilot license PPL-A, it is at least 1 2,000 euros.

Anyone in possession is a private pilot’s license, can also pass an extension specifically for instrument flying IR. Here are even at least 16,000 euros, which are incurred.

As a result, a fairly large amount of money quickly accumulates, which is generally not easy to freely access the current account. Nevertheless, in order to complete a ticket, it is advisable to take out a loan.

installment loan

Using a installment loan, it is quick and easy to pay for the ticket.

To finance the ticket, the use of a installment loan offers. With such a loan, it is usually possible to raise a sum between 500 and 7 5,000 euros. However, depending on the bank, this can vary significantly so that it is quite possible to obtain a higher sum.

As the name implies, a installment loan is repaid after its award in monthly installments. Accordingly, this is a very clear and easy to plan loan. However, some conditions must be met for the applicant to receive installment credit.


For the successful awarding of a installment loan, it is necessary to fulfill the most diverse requirements set by the bank.

To apply for the desired loan, the applicant must be of legal age. Although it is possible for some tickets to complete this at the age of 16, however, the age of 18 is indispensable for the installment of the installment loan. Furthermore, a secure, fixed income must exist. In addition, the banks also pay attention to a high credit rating and a positive bank report. Usually, a high value is placed on a German checking account and a fixed German residence.

It is also possible for the prospective borrower to contribute collateral to the loan. This can be, for example, a home savings or life insurance. But the registration of a mortgage in a real estate is basically possible.

However, if, for whatever reason, it is not feasible to meet the various requirements of the banks, then the dream of flying does not necessarily have to be abandoned completely. Because with the help of a second borrower or even a guarantor, it is usually still feasible to obtain the desired loan.

However, it is important that the person in question fulfills the respective requirements of the bank from their side. If this is the case, a successful loan is usually no more obstacles.

However, the second borrower or guarantor should be fully aware that in the event of the actual borrower’s insolvency, he will have to pay in full for the remaining, outstanding loan debt.

Compare and save

A precise comparison of the various loan offers is worthwhile: So a lot can be saved and life can be made easier.

Before you take a installment loan, it is advisable to compare in advance the different credit offers of the various banks well together. After all, these often differ very clearly from each other. In addition, one should not be fooled here: Already a few percentage points difference in the interest rate can, depending on the loan amount, quite a saving of a few hundred euros mean.

The ideal annual comparison factor here is the effective annual interest rate, since all the borrowing costs are already included here. On the other hand, the nominal interest rate is not.

Moreover, it is advisable to pay more attention not only to the interest rate, but also to the other services offered by the various banks. For example, some banks offer special benefits such as the possibility of free special repayments, the suspension of a monthly installment and a variable repayment installment.

If a free special repayment has been agreed in the contract, it is usually possible at least once a year to make such an additional partial service up to a certain amount. In this way, not only the loan amount is reduced, but also less interest must be paid. Who wants to make such a payment, although it is not held in the contract, which usually has to settle a so-called prepayment penalty. This is a fee levied by the banks, as the premature installment gives them some interest losses. Because of this, it should be better calculated in advance in such a case, whether the payment is still worthwhile.

In the case of a variable repayment rate, it is possible during the term of the contract to increase or even reduce the repayment as required. For example, if there is a salary increase in the home, it is advisable to increase the repayment installment, which means that a faster repayment of the loan is possible and again less interest has to be paid. If, on the other hand, it is foreseeable that higher private costs will be incurred in the future, then the repayment can easily be reduced.

For example, suspending a monthly installment is beneficial if you suddenly have to pay a higher bill that would go beyond your budget. For example, it is possible to carry out the much-needed car repair without jeopardizing credit repayment.